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Prostitutes in Thailand: A Guide on Hookers in Thailand

As you may or may not know, prostitution is a booming business in Thailand, to the tune of 6.4 Billion USD annually. If you never knew, you probably think this is an outrageous number because it is. It’s also a true statistic.

However, authorities have been trying to put a stop to it for a while now. If you go to Thailand you’ll soon see that this profession is alive and well, and thriving too. The Thai government is aware of the money Thai hookers bring in, but is still trying to clean up the scene a little.

In this article I will talk about the different types of prostitutes that exist in Thailand. We’ll also cover the costs that tourists pay for them and what prices are associated with the different types of hookers. So i’ll be sure to include the many types of Thailand hookers. Outlined will be the general costs of sex in Thailand so you know what to expect if you are planning on taking advantage of hookers while there.

Info Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_in_Thailand

Thai Girl Freelancers – Street Hookers

These are the girls you’ll see hanging around looking like they are waiting for someone. You can also call them “street hookers” or “street walkers”.

In Bangkok, you’ll find them all around Nana Plaza and other areas surrounding Mcdonald’s on Sukhumvit road. If you make eye contact with them they might approach you and after a while you’ll soon know which ones are the freelancers, it gets pretty obvious.

So how much is sex with a Freelancer?

  • Short Time: Between 500 & 1000 Baht on average
  • Long Time: Between 1000-2000 THB on average

One factor that determines the price is their hotness scale. Obviously a hot younger thai hooker will command a higher price than an older, less attractive one. Also, time of night can be a factor in the price. For example when in Pattaya, you’ll see a lot of freelancers on Beach Road well into the night. If they haven’t got a customer yet and it’s late, you can probably bargain them down to 500 baht very easy if they start high. This is how you can get the cheapest prostitutes in Pattaya without feeling ripped off.

Thai Go-Go Girls

My favourite option for hookers in Thailand. These girls are usually the hottest of all the prostitutes. They are like the girls you see in a western country at the strip joints. Here though, it’s expected that they have sex with their customers. The “mamasan” can even help you choose the best girl or if you want to take two girls home with you, she can make a suggestion which two would be the best.

The way how it works is this: The girls will make eye contact with you if they like you. There could be a few at a time so be aware of this. Pick the one that has interest in you and is also looking at you. If she motions to come over, it’s expected that you buy her a lady drink. A lady drink is typically more expensive than a regular drink by about 20-40 baht more. While she has a drink with you, she’ll probably sit on your lap, similar to a lap-dance back in your western country.

If all goes well, she might ask if you want to take her to your hotel room for sex. You can negotiate for the cheapest price with these hookers but you still can expect to pay more than a freelancer or other bar girls. Here are the prices you can expect to pay:

  • Short Time: Between 2000-2500 baht on average
  • Long Time: Between 3000-5000 baht on average
  • Bar Fine: 500-1000 Baht average

Thai Bar Girls

Thai bar girls are kind of like hostesses for the bar. If you walk in and take a seat, you’ll be greeted at some point by a bar girl that will sit with you and keep you company. Like gogo girls, it is expected to buy her a lady drink while she keeps you company. If things go well, you can also bar fine her and take her back to your hotel. Thai bar girls are found just about every where in Thailand in nightlife areas. They are especially popular in Bangkok, Pattaya and Bangla Rd. in Phuket.

  • Short Time: Between 1000-1500 baht
  • Long Time: Between 1500-2500 baht
  • Bar Fines: 400-600 baht depending on bar/location

You can still negotiate a price for sex with these bargirls. As long as you keep within the guidelines above you can expect to be paying a fair price for her sexual services.

Hookers at Discos & Clubs

A lot of Thai prostitutes will go to the clubs and discos to look for foreigners to have sex with for money. They are harder to spot than any other hooker. The reason is they appear to be a normal girl just having a good time at the club. They might hang with a friend or go alone. You might spot them at the bar having a drink or eating some food. You might even spot her on the dance floor dancing very sexy. One thing for sure is they will wear very revealing clothing to entice you. If they make eye contact with you and give you the signal, just be prepared to hear at some point a price negotiation for sex.

  • Short Time: Between 500-1500 baht on average
  • Long Time: Between 1500-2500 baht on avarage
  • Bar Fine: None!

Thai Escorts

This is probably the most expensive option of all and you can expect to pay prices similar to that in western countries. However, the girls are hot as they choose them wisely. It’s also an option if you prefer to have a girl come to your hotel room than go pick one up at a go-go or off the street. Just make sure you book a guest friendly hotel otherwise you may have to pay a joiner for your escort girl.

Online Freelancer Type Girls

With many Thai girls crazy about being online on their smart phones, a lot of hookers and even “normal” Thai girls are taking to the internet to offer sex services. These girls will go on sites like Thai Friendly to find dates. Some girls do this only part time to make some extra money when needed. 

A lot of foreigners are starting to really like this way of meeting Thai girls for sex as they don’t need to deal with lady drinks or bar fines. After a while this all adds up. You could literally chat up a girl on Thai Friendly and meet her within an hour if she’s near and willing. Keep in mind not all of these girls are hookers. By nature, Thai women are modest so if you see a girl with a slutty profile wearing revealing clothing, chances are she’s good to go for a good time.

Here are the Thailand prostitution prices online but keep in mind this can vary due to location and hotness level of the girl.

  • Short Time: 1000-2000 Baht on average
  • Long Time: 2000 Baht and up

Thai Brothels

Definitely the cheapest of the options you have but don’t expect to find any hotties here. You can find these cheap prostitutes in Bangkok mostly and it’s always a short time fix at around 500 baht on average. As the girls are not that great, it’s an option if you just want to get your rocks off quickly and for a cheap price. Avoid it if you can because these girls are probably never tested for STI’s like they do in gogo bars for example.

Soapy Massage

Popular mostly with Asian tourists, the Thai soapy massage parlors offer a more upscale environment to the traditional bars. The girls are relatively attractive but you may find some that are less than average in looks. Most of the girls are light skinned as Asian men prefer light skinned females.

The way how it works is this. You’ll sit down on a couch and order some drinks. The women will sit on a couch behind a window called the “fish bowl”. Usually they are divided up into different classes based on looks (terrible I know) and the prices are different accordingly. You have your pick of any girls you see and once you do, you’ll be led to a room with your girl. In the room will be a bath tub where she’ll give you a body to body “soapy massage”.  After that, any goes with your lady.

Normally the time you get with your soapy massage hooker is about one and a half hours.

One thing to note is the discriminatory practice of double pricing for Farang men. If you;re a non Asian from another country, some soapy massage places might charge you more money just based on your skin tone. If you don’t really care about this then it’s a non-issue but you should just be aware of this practice from some of these establishments.

So why are soapy massage parlors so popular with men? Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Attractive women
  • Absence of bar fines & lady drinks
  • Very discreet, not public like bars
  • Price is reasonable (if they don’t double price you) around 1500-3000 baht depending on the girl. This is for 1.5 hours.

Thai BJ Girls

If you are looking for just a mind blowing blow job then you’ll want to try out a BJ lady. These girls work at bars that offer this service. They will do a full service BJ from cleaning you up before and after. In some of these BJ bars they will do it right in the open among other patrons. If this is your kind of thing, then perhaps this kind of prostitution can work for you.

Expect to pay between 500 and 1000 baht for this service.

Massage Girls

It’s hard to avoid these girls when walking down a street known for tourist activity. You’ll hear them say “massage” with their distinct Thai accent several times a night. They typically will give you a traditional Thai massage or oil massage but will offer you extra services if you wish. This is where the “happy ending” saying comes from.

Keep in mind not all massages places offer sexual services. The professional ones will not have girls sitting out front, so never ask for any ‘extras’ in those places. You’ll be promptly booted out. Chances are the person giving you a massage will not be a looker anyway, so this rarely happens.

Pricing for massages:

  • Traditional Thai Massage – 200-300 baht on average depending on the area
  • Oil Massage: 300-400 baht on average
  • Extras: Negotiable, but anywhere from 500-1500 baht.

KTV Karaoke Girls

Thais and Asians from other countries love Karaoke and the KTV ladies that are found in these establishments. The girls are usually young and light skinned (again, a preference with Asian men) and can hang out with you for an hourly rate. You’re paying for her company and drinks as well.

Much like in the gogo’s and beer bars, if sex comes up, you can take one of these girls home with you if you so desire. Not all KTV’s allow this but the girl will let you know if it is allowed.

  • Time with the girl – 200-300 baht/hour
  • Boom-Boom (sex): 1500-2500 baht – depending on hotness scale of the girl

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this guide and that it better prepares you for your Thailand trip. Remember, you won’t find these places and girls like this everywhere in Thailand as its mostly in the touristy and red light districts. However finding a Thai girl for sex is not hard as you have many options.


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