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Guest Friendly Hotels in Thailand

You may have heard the phrase “guest friendly hotel” at some point and didn’t really know what it really meant. Basically it’s a sub-fancy way of saying the hotel will allow you to bring back a hooker to shag in your room without making you pay an extra fee.

If this topic interests you, then you should probably read on and understand what exactly this could mean for you.

When you go to Thailand you’ll do many things, such experiencing the vibrant Bangkok nightlife, hitting the bars, clubs, beaches, restaurants and whatever it is that you so desire. Anything goes in Thailand and you can do just about anything but there are certain things that you need to understand such as the culture and for the purpose of this article – hotel policies.

Picking The Right Hotel

Hotels know that you, as a single male traveler from another country, will more than likely meet a girl whether you meet her online or if she’s a bar girl, gogo dancer, freelancer or even a ladyboy. They also know that you are going to want to bring her back to your room.

Avoid Joiner Fees

If you got lucky, you inadvertently booked yourself a guest friendly hotel. In some cases though, you might feel the embarrassment of the reception staff either telling you that you have to pay a joiner fee for your lady (that’s the name of this extra charge) or worst case scenario, flat out refuse your guest access to your room.

As far as fees go, you can pay up to around 1500 baht in joiner fees if they are not guest friendly. Some hotels may charge less.

For the hotels that do not charge joiner fees, they may ask that your guest leave her ID with reception and can pick it up when she leaves. In many cases they will call your room when she picks up her ID to ask if you are ok. The reason they do this is because there have been many cases where girls will steal from the guy and take off. So in order to protect their paying guests, they will ask for the ID.

Other hotels that don’t charge an extra fee may not allow your girl to use the pool or ask to pay an additional fee if she wants to eat breakfast in the morning. These are details that you should know prior to booking your hotel stay.

How to Find Guest Friendly Hotels

You can either email a bunch of hotels in advance of your booking or just check out a website that breaks down for you guest friendly hotels in the area that you want to stay. You are going to find most of these hotels in red light district areas like Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Walking Street in Pattaya, Bangla Rd in Phuket, Patpong & Silom Rd, etc.

Not booking the right hotel could really put a damper on things so be prepared and book right. Thailand is relatively inexpensive but if you’re foolish, you could end up having a much larger credit card bill than expected.

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