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7 Best Nuru Massage in Bangkok

​Looking for a Nuru massage in Bangkok are you?  Pay attention to this article then because I’m going to tell you all about what it is, what you can expect, why you should get one and where in Bangkok to get a Nuru Massage

What is a Nuru M​assage?

 A Nuru Massage is essentially a body to body massage where a hot Thai girl (if you’re in Thailand of course) rubs up against your body with hers using a special gel that is called Nuru Gel.

In Bangkok in Thailand overall, it doesn’t usually end there.  After it’s over you can request some extras should you want more.  This can be either just the blow job or full on sex.  Keep in mind this does not apply to all establishments so you must clear this up with your mamasan first.

​Because things can get messy, normally you are on an air mattress. Could you imagine on a normal bed? Hell no!

What are the Girls Like?

This depends on the establishment.  The level of hotness of the Thai girl is objective anyway as men prefer different looks and sizes.  So if you wanted a heavier girl rubbing you up and down with her body you can probably find it.  If skinny is what you like, you can have that to.  You’ll have a choice of girls do for you decide to jump in.

A rule of thumb is to always ask the mamasan which one gives the best massage if you’re more into that than what she looks like.

Is it Just for Men or Can Women get a Nuru Massage?

Women can also get a nuru massage from another woman that this is strictly on request.  Again, just ask the mamasan and you should be able to find a girl that will service another girl.

Is there a Happy Ending With Nuru

As stated before, not all Nuru massages will end up with sex.  Most of them will likely to hand jobs and blow jobs.  If you want it to end up in sex, talk to your mamasan first.

​Should I Tip?

As with any service like this, you really should tip the girl.  Anything from 250 to 500 baht is considered acceptable.

If the girl has given you great service especially if she agreed to two shots you should tip her well.  Don’t end up leaving the place looking like a cheap Charlie.

Now Onto the Best Nuru Massage Joints!

These are in no particular order, read the descriptions to learn more.

1. ​Chrome Bar

​I enjoyed my experience and Chrome bar and this girl was certainly my favorite. Damn I forget her name but she's girl #3 on the website - not sure if she's still there though.

The service was great, I won't go into details what I did after the massage but I can tell you I was happy.

I got the VIP room with her for 3000 baht, the tip was extra. You can go for the cheap room at just 2000 baht though but I didn't like how it looked.

​Chrome Bar is located On Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 and it was formerly called Dr BJ's. I guess they wanted to go with something a little more discreet.

Here's where you can find it.​

​2. ​​Nyan Nyan Massage

​Nyan Nyan Massage is located on Sukhumvit Soi 33. What is unique about this place is that you can see pictures of all the girls that are there. You simply just pick one, or two if you're looking for a real thrill with 2 girls at once.  

The girls are half decent looking but quite a difference in person. The pics don't exactly lie but drop in to at least have a gander.

​The massage will set you back around 2500 baht and you get 90 minutes. 

Nyan Nyan Massage is just one of a few on​ Sukhumvit 33, so going for a stroll you'll find some more do doubt. Keep in mind that some do only cater to Asian men so it's best to be aware of this first. You'll get used to stuff like this in Thailand.

​3. ​​​Tantra Massage Bangkok

​Tantra Massage Bangkok is located at 6/12 Sukhumvit Rd. It also goes by the name Analisa Massage - interesting name.

Get off at Asok BTS and take exit #4 and head towards the Connex Hotel, then look for the Citypoint Hotel, it's right across from that.

It offers Nuru along with other services so you can just check their website for all services listed.

They don't display all their girls and to be honest I haven't checked this place out yet.  If one of you guys do, please post your experience below in the comments.

Inquiring minds want to know!

​4. ​​​​Nuru Massage in Hua​i Kwang

​This area is best known for it's soapy massage but some will offer Nuru as well. It's best to just walk in and ask what services they offer. Then check out the girls, pick one and enjoy.

​Nuru's in this area start at just under 2000 baht and upwards so pretty typical in regards to pricing.

If you're not familiar with the area, this is where it is.

​5. ​​​​​The Ease 7eaven

Filled with  younger, university aged girls is where you'll find Ease7. ​It's located in the Ekkamai area. However, this place has a reputation for hand job happy endings only. You won't be able to have sex with these girls. It's a shame, because the girl that massaged me was pretty hot and young. However the hand job was still quite fun. 

​The prices range from 2300-2500 baht and you'll get 70 minutes with your girl.

​The building looks a bit aged and rickity but inside was quite nice.  You'll be introduced to the girls and then make your pick. However I found the actual massage sub par as the use of Nuru Gel was pretty limited. 

​If you want a hotter chick though, this is the place to go and at least she'll jack you off but that's about it!

​6. ​​​​​​​Bangkok Passion Massage

​Located at 261/33 Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok Passion Massage provides a variety of services including outcalls as well. Of course, Nuru is included.

The girls are pretty damn hot and you can even preview them on their website. My favorite was Lucy. Hubba hubba...

You can have happy endings or full sex with these girls. Like a lot of the better establishments, the girls are tested for STI's every 3 months.

They even have an Erotic Lingam massage = your dick and balls get a special kind of massage and it's pretty intense.

The girls are young, from early 20's to early 30's. 

​Prices range anywhere from 1​500 baht to 3000 baht for full service sex.  This place is one of my faves and the girls are very tantalizing.

​7. ​​​​​​​B​ody Bliss Bangkok

Body Bliss differs than the rest because they are strictly an out-call service. The girls are quite hot and you can see their pictures online before you book.

I'm not a fan of outcall for NURU because if you get your hotel room messy you're gonna be responsible for any damages. They do have a variety of other services though so you could forego the Nuru if you see a girl you absolutely must have.

If you want full service, you should contact them first because not all girls do this.

Full service with Nuru is the most expensive of the lot, up to 5000 baht for 180 minutes and 2 shots.

​Wrapping it All Up

Speaking of that, you should be wrapping up your johnson if you decide to go full service after a nuru. It will be hard I know, but take that extra step. The girls will insist on this anyway so it's not an issue.

There you have it. The top 7 Nuru Massages in Bangkok. Please comment below if you end up experiencing any of these and wish to let others know. Enjoy!

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