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The Best Places To Meet Thai Girls While in Thailand

If you’re a single guy traveling alone or in a group, you’re going to definitely want to hook up with a girl or two. Perhaps renting out a Thai hooker is not your speed and you’d prefer to meet a sexy young Thai girl that is no prostitute, beer bar girl, gogo dancer or freelancer.

It’s so easy to get laid in Thailand with all of these mentioned but it totally possible to get laid from just a regular Thai girl as well. You just need to work at it a little harder and if you are a younger guy, it’s going to be a lot easier than if you’re an older gent. However, the older guys can as well, they just need to work a little harder and don’t need to pay for sex if they don’t want to.

So in this article we are going to discuss your options for getting laid in Thailand and what choices you have.

1. Hookers

If you don’t want to work hard to get sex in Thailand, you can just spring for a hooker. Hookers here come in a varieties from gogo girls, bar girls, massage girls, escorts and freelancers. Prices do vary but at the cheap end you are looking at 500 baht for sex but can spend all the way up to 5000 baht depending where you find the girl and how hot she is, etc.

One thing to know is where the money goes when you pay the girl for sex. If you are taking a gogo girl to your room, you’ll be expected to pay a bar fine. A bar fine is a payment you pay to the club. Their reasoning behind this is if you take her out, she can’t make the club any more money for the night by way of lady drinks. So, this is how they justify it. The fees for gogo dancers is anywhere from 500 – 1000 baht. On top of that, you’ll have to pay your gogo girl what you discussed whether it’s for short time or long time sex. This can be anywhere from 2000 – 3500 baht on average.

If you go to a beer bar, the same rule applies where the bar gets 100% of the bar fine and you deal with the bar girl separately.

For soapy massages or even regular massage with happy endings, a portion of what you pay goes to the owners.

Freelancers will normally get 100% of what you pay so you are saving a bit of money with them. However if you don’t want to bring them back to your hotel room, you have the option of a short time hotel where you’ll pay around 300-400 baht.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are going to bring a girl back to your room, you need to make sure you book a guest friendly hotel. More on this later.

2. Meet Girls on Thai Dating Sites

If you want to be able to talk to Thai girls literally all day, and any day, you could talk to them on sites like Thai Friendly or Thai Cupid. Here, the cost of what you would pay to a club for the bar fine just one time, would be just what you’d pay for a monthly membership on one of these sites.

When you think about it, if you’re not too keen on going to the clubs and would rather perve over a bunch of girls online and pick and choose, this would be a much better option. Keep in mind though, a lot of these girls are hookers so you could end up with a hooker this way. The way to know is what they do for a living. If they work at a normal job like reception at a hotel, chances are they are not. There’s a lot of professional Thai women on these sites too, you just have to weed them out. Chances are if online dating appeals to you then you already know the drill and I don’t need to school you on this.

So, it’s a great way to meet a ton of women. Thai’s just love being online so there’s a lot of them. If you are ever on the BTS just look around you. Almost every Thai person is surfing on your phone and the hot Thai girl you see next to you could be on a Thai dating site too!

3. Find Thai Girls in Clubs & Bars

Here’s the thing with meeting girls in the clubs. Many of these girls are also hookers! So it seems that I once again am referencing point number one. However, not all of them are and it depends where you go. For example the notorious club Climax which recently closed down, was full of hookers, ladyboy hookers included. It would have been very difficult to find a real Thai girl there that wasn’t a freelancer.

If you want to avoid the prostitutes then your best best is to go to clubs that are not frequented by tourists.  For example, in Bangkok  at Royal City Avenue you will find a lot of bars and clubs where the girls are pretty genuine. I talk about RCA in my Bangkok nightlife guide. However they may not be too good in English and if you’re a foreigner they might see you as a sex tourist. You’ll need to prove to them you are not and only then will you have luck with these kind of girls. There are exceptions though and some might be interested in foreigners but would rather not go to clubs frequented by freelancers.

I do want to warn you though that even if they are not hookers, they might only want you for your money. I will write about this topic in a later article but keep this in mind. If you normally don’t get attention from women (not saying you’re ugly!) and some girl seems overly interested – be aware of this fact and use your best judgement. It’s rare that a Thai woman will not want a foreigner for money, but there are some that exist.

4. Regular Thai Girls Everywhere Else

As you have heard the phrase many times, Thailand is the “land of smiles” and that statement applies to all Thais, girls included. If you’re walking about, whether it’s down the street or in a mall, at the 7-11 or just about anywhere girls will often smile at foreigners.

Don’t take this as an open invitation though. If you try to talk to them they will probably just giggle. One of the main reasons is that even though some speak English, they are a little shy to speak to you in English because they feel it’s not good enough. If you avoid being serious and use simple language then you might have a chance here. Just be yourself and you could end up meeting a sexy Thai girl this way.

Another option is at their place of work. There’s a lot of cute girls working at hotel reception, in restaurants, even 7-11. There’s a greater chance of them speaking English too, especially if they are working in touristy areas. Don’t distract them from their work too much though. Just get their Line ID and talk to them after.


You may have seen a pattern with meeting Thai girls while in Thailand in this article. Yes, a lot of them are prostitutes and the reason for this is they may not have other opportunities or just want an easy way to make money. A lot of these girls are actually looking for a ‘sponsor’ or some foreigner farang to whisk them away from the clubs and live happily ever after. My advice is have fun with the girls but don’t ever get involved on an emotional level.

Although finding a girl that likes you for you and not your money is a bit rare in Thailand, it’s not impossible. Thai women are strong and make great partners, you just need to make sure you find the right one. This article was not about finding a girlfriend though, more on that in articles to come.



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