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Thailand Soapy Massages: Where to Get, Costs, and the Experience

What is a Thai Soapy Massage?

A Thailand soapy massage is an experience that you should try at least once. A naked Thai girl will typically give you a bath or shower then lay you on an inflatable mattress and cover both you and her with soap. She will then slide back and forth on you massaging your body with hers, arousing you, and then you will retire to the bed for protected sex. Often guys will hire more than one girl at a time.

What Will Happen in a Thailand Soapy Massage?

Obviously every place is slightly different, according to its size and facilities, but a typical experience would be as follows. There is often what is called a fishbowl separated from the clients by glass, and there are lots of women there with numbers. You just note the number of your chosen woman and then tell the mamasan who you want. In other massage parlours the reception has girls wandering around and chatting to clients trying to convince you to choose them.

In the better establishments you will next be given a shower by the naked young lady before going to lay down on what is often a rubber inflatable mattress. The girl or girls will cover you and themselves in soap (often with added oils) and then they will key parts of her body to massage you by sliding up and down your body. Once this process is completed and you are completely aroused, she will then take you through to the bed for protected sex. Note: there are some establishments that do not offer the sex part, and will consequently charge less.

What Services are Provided?

The Thai soapy massages are not just open to men. There are some massage parlours that will offer the service to women and couple as well. As I have said, not all soapy massages offer a happy ending, but most of them do, and the nature of what services you want at the end will be a matter of negotiation between you and the masseuse.

How Much Does it Cost?

This can vary, but on average it starts at about 2000 baht and up. This will depend on the place and the girl. Yes, the more attractive girls cost more – imagine the outrage from the progressive lefties learning about that lol. You’ll also want to tip the girl. Your tip should be a minimum of 100 baht just as a rule of thumb. If she did a super ‘job’ then offer her more. For a decent experience, you shouldn’t have to pay more than 3000 baht I would say, tip included.

Things to Consider

There are two kinds of soapy massage parlours. Licenced and unlicenced. In a licenced parlour the masseuse will be health checked regularly. In unlicensed ones, no such checks will be carried out. It is interesting that Thailand has licenced parlours when prostitution is technically illegal, and by insisting that health checks are carried out the authorities are admitting that sex does take place. This is the attitude in Thailand, It’s illegal but the police are unlikely to enforce the law.

Where to Find Them


There are more than 100 soapy massage parlors in Bangkok. They mostly look like hotels. To get the best selection go to the areas surrounding these two MRT stations: Huai Khwang MRT and Phetchaburi MRT.


Most of the best parlors are located around second road.

Why You Should Try it at Least Once

Thailand soapy massage is an experience that you should really try at least once in your lifetime. To have a willing girl eager to please and to use her whole body to massage you is an experience that you will not find elsewhere. The more adventurous may even consider taking their girlfriend too for a truly erotic experience.

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