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Welcome To Lost in Thailand

Hello and welcome to Lost in Thailand. I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Oscar and I am the owner of this blog. I live in both Thailand and the USA, with Thailand being more of a permanent home for me.

The reason I created this blog was because when I went to Thailand for the first time back in 2010, I felt so lost – hence the title of my site. However, after learning how Thailand works and such, I have become accustomed to the way of life here. As a single guy, you’ll probably relate to me very well as this site is geared towards you – the single male traveler.

Girls in Thailand

There is nothing to be ashamed about looking online how to get girls in Thailand and let me tell you, it’s very easy. However, there is a LOT you need to know before you make your way over to Thailand. If you’ve been a few times already, you probably got a taste for it, but there is more to know I am sure of it. I am still learning some things every day about the culture and way of life here. However, I got nightlife pretty much covered and know the ins and out of how it all works.

Red Light Districts

The famous bar areas of the Red light districts are a site to be seen. It’s extremely overwhelming for the first-timer with all the noise, bargirls, ladyboys, go-go dancers and so on. My site will go into detail about all this, so I hope that you are ready to plunge into this exciting world full of Thai hookers, hooking up and having fun.



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